Business Integration Tools

May 10 2013

For immediate release - IronVoice announces new Business Integration Tools for its leading hosted phone service for business.

Now available to IronVoice customers are tools that will allow easy integration with custom software applications; Application Event Notifications and an Application Programming Interface.

Application Event Notifications (AEN) uses simple web services to notify a customer's business application with details of important events such as incoming calls, when calls are answered, and when calls hang up.

An Application Programming Interface (API) can be used by a customer's business application to do things like create phone calls or transfer existing calls.

IronVoice claims their new take on Business Integration Tools are a first for the industry and easy to use.

"Some of our competitors have an API" says Bill Kervaski, CEO and Founder. "Typically a software developer would write some code that would periodically poll an API for information. This works great for services like Facebook or Twitter, but with real-time services, polling is kind of flakey. We took a new approach and divided our Business Integration Tools into two very easy to use technologies. Our AEN will send out important notifications in real-time and you can use our API to have our service do things on your behalf." continues Kervaski.

Kervaski adds "A great use example might be a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or Point of Sale (PoS) system where when one of your agents answers the phone your app automatically brings up their information or recent orders, a real time saver!"

IronVoice offers three plans; Basic, Complete, and Advantage. The new developer tools are available to Complete and Advantage customers at no additional charge.


IronVoice puts your small business phone system in the cloud with enterprise features at a fraction of the cost vs traditional telephone service.